In the complicated world of International talent sourcing, our international recruiting expertise means the people you want to talk to are already talking to us.

The Charteris Global Search international team work with clients, typically consultants, manufacturers, developers and EPCs, throughout the Globe.


Charteris can help you access the best UK talent across Utilities,Power & Aerospace who want to use their skills to fill your vacancies around the world. Hiring the right people for your business internationally can bring its own challenges, but with our extensive network of professionals with previous experience setting up overseas divisions we are the perfect partner to help you in your recruiting needs.

The secret to our success lies in the process we’ve developed to source, assess, develop and deploy talent –process’s that are available to every CGS recruiter no matter where in the world they call home. This process puts a Global pool of talented professionals at the doorstep of our clients and ensure consistency across the entire recruiting process.

It doesn’t matter what size project you are staffing, how complicated the job is or where you are located –Charteris Global Search can step in and make a difference.

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