Another 5 ways to attract more females to apply for your open positions

Diversity in the workplace is incredibly important to everyone here at Charteris. We think that diverse life experiences, backgrounds, and educations are the core of a vibrant, innovative, and effective team. Diversity begins much earlier than many managers expect, however; everything from your job title to your requirements list to your targeted advertising plays a role.

If you’re looking to attract more women to apply for your open roles, there here are a handful of steps you can take.

6.Make Use of Writing Tools

When writing job advertisements and job listings specifically, and in writing copy that promotes your employer brand, it can be worthwhile to use a tool that analyzes your writing. Gender Decoder is a simple, free tool that is designed specifically for job ads. It uses textual analysis based on this 2011 report to determine how gendered your writing is.

A more advanced tool like Textio can be useful for deeper analysis. This tool analyzes gendered composition but also reviews the average age the writing appeals to, analyzes mindset, and other analysis you don’t see in most writing tools.

7. Seek and Eliminate Bias in Candidate Evaluation

When evaluating resumes and applications, look for parts of the process where a conscious or subconscious bias might be eliminating minority or female candidates unfairly. A common example of this is hiring managers judging resumes based on their name before even reading skills and work history. Whenever you identify an area where bias may be unfairly eliminating candidates, fix it. For example, many modern applicant tracking systems offer the option of anonymizing applications to remove names and identifying information. This can also be done with certain kinds of interviews, particularly where practical skills are involved. The Boston Symphony Orchestra, for example, increased their rate of women hired by conducting “blind auditions” with the applicant behind a screen.

8. Provide Benefits Relevant to Women

When selling your job opportunity to potential applicants, you want to make sure you’re providing benefits that are relevant to a diverse pool. While career progression and remote work flexibility are common priorities, women might also be looking for benefits like salary transparency, a more flexible work-life balance, family leave, and healthcare. Above all, a supportive, team-focused environment is one of the best benefits your company can provide.

9. Establish a Diverse Interview Panel

In most businesses, your hiring should be performed through a panel of interviewers, not a single hiring manager. One person can have biases that skew the diversity of your company. A panel is not any less likely to have biases but is more likely to balance out and counteract those biases. A good interview panel should include an overall hiring manager, a manager of the department the hire would work in, and a third manager whose role is to balance the panel. When you’re looking to hire women, including a woman on the panel is a sure-fire way to ensure that women are more likely to be judged fairly.

10. Ensure Your Workplace is Safe from Gender Discrimination

Diversity in the workplace goes beyond hiring; you need to ensure that your workplace is safe for women and minorities. Look at retention amongst minority groups, and examine the reasons why minority employees leave. Implement zero-tolerance policies for sexism and harassment. Examine HR cases in the recent past and look for problem employees and trends. Making your workplace comfortable for everyone helps you maintain not just a diverse workplace, but a reputation for supporting that diversity.

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