Do you want to learn how to attract more females to your business?

The informal Charteris/FED In-house Workshops have been created by the recruitment experts at Charteris to help you to build gender-balanced teams.

Custom-designed with your business in mind, our half or full-day programme examines what you may be doing wrong when it comes to attracting female applicants – and how to get it right.

If diversity in the workplace is your aim, we can help you to achieve it by improving your brand identity, recruitment messages and copy-writing skills.

The result? A more focussed hiring strategy and a wider pool of talent and experience at your fingertips.

A recent attendee feedback...

"I enjoyed Thursday’s training, it was good to meet you. I took two main things away:"

That we in communications aren’t too far away with what we’re currently doing. The social media feedback was especially pleasing given the work we put in to get us on there in the first place. It’s good to know there’s just some small changes we can make to really improve.The very practical points that we in communications can implement immediately were especially useful – those tweaks to the website and general messaging that will improve the stuff that we do, plus the extra content that will take us the next level "

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