Female Engineers

FED is a niche division at Charteris Global Search with a mission to make a difference to gender diversity in the workplace! We wanted to share these statistics with you to show why we are so passionate about improving the gender balance in the workplace.

Engineering UK has a fantastic Interactive Dashboard which allows you to interrogate their data. The dashboard is an interactive companion piece to their EngineeringUK briefing 'Gender disparity in engineering'.

According to Engineering UK 2018 the following are the latest statistics interpreted from the report by WES:

12.37% of all engineers are women in the UK.

 21.80% women work in the engineering sector (incl. engineers) 

46.4% of girls 11-14 would consider a career in engineering, compared to 70.3% of boys 

42.0% of girls 14-16 would consider a career in engineering compared to 66.0% of boys

25.4% of girls 16-18 would consider a career in engineering compared to 51.9% of boys

22.2% of students starting A Level Physics in 2018 were female. 

In all STEM A-Levels except Chemistry more girls get A*-C grades than boys – including Further Maths, Maths, ICT and Design and Technology.

Girls and women make up less than 18% of higher apprentices in engineering and manufacturing, and 7.4% of all engineering apprentices. 

79.8% of female engineering students get a First or Upper Second, compared to 74.6% of male students. 

60.7% of female engineering graduates enter full time work, compared to 58.8% of all female graduates and 61.9% of male engineering graduates (57.7% of all male graduates).

Female engineering graduates are more likely to enter full-time work (61% vs 59%) and less likely to enter part time work (8% vs 12%) than all female graduates.

Female engineering graduates are also less likely to enter part time work than all male graduates (11%). 

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