Our 12 month guarantee

No employer considers their hiring process to be a casual affair. But sometimes their actions suggest otherwise.

Do you make this classic mistake?

Before I reveal what, this mistake is, you need a little background.

One of Charteris Global Search’s key USPs is our free replacement guarantee. Basically, if we place a candidate with you and, for whatever reason, things don’t work out, we’ll run the recruitment campaign again without charge.

This is fairly standard practice for recruiters, but what makes us stand out is the LENGTH of our guarantee.

Typical guarantees usually cover 1-2 months. A well-heeled firm might go somewhere between 3 to 6 months.

But our guarantee generally STARTS at six months and extends up to 12 months for senior positions. In some instances, for very senior roles, we’ve stretched this for up to TWO YEARS.

We take on the risk

This is a hugely valuable part of our service because it takes away all the risk from our clients. By using our recruiting service, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

But what does this have to do with the classic recruitment mistake I mentioned earlier?

It’s to do with HOW we’re able to offer a lengthy guarantee.

The only reason why we can do this without risking going broke is because, for the candidates we place, we have a 96% retention rate after 12 months. We can offer an industry-leading guarantee because we know that, most of the time, our clients will never need to use it.

We accomplish this high retention rate because we use the i-intro® method of recruitment. It involves careful consultation, in-depth candidate assessment and solid after care.

And recruitment at this standard of professionalism can only be accomplished when we’re hired on a retained basis.