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Now more than ever, we need to focus on a key component of selling exclusivity. And that is a clear understanding of why working with one, quality recruiter on a specific brief is actually in the clients’ best interests. Here are 15 very good reasons for starters.

1. The Client is getting the Recruiter’s full commitment to filling their vacant role. A client may think they get more effort from a recruiter when the role is in competition, but what really happens is a short burst of activity from the recruiter, and then our interest wanes as we realise the client is not committed, and we go and put our energy into clients who will work with us as partners.

2. The responsibility for success is now shifted to the Recruiter. If the job is given to one recruiter, retained or exclusive, we own the problem. The client can focus on whatever it is they do for a living.

The client is taking the focus off speed and back on quality. Why would you want your crucial hiring decision based on who can get candidates to you first? Would you hire a brain surgeon because they could do the job fastest? A house painter? A hairdresser? ‘Exclusivity’ means the recruiter has time to do thorough work.

3. Exclusivity allows the Recruiter to bring all their resources to bear in the talent search. Not just a quick data-base search. But a thorough, detailed talent search including networks, communities and social media.

4. Working exclusively usually means there is time for the Recruiter to take a detailed job order. The better the order, the better the match.

5. There is time for the Recruiter to do a full and comprehensive database search. The Client gets the best, not the best we saw that week.

6. The Recruiter has time to comb networks, online resources, social media networks and tap into the passive talent market.

7. Exclusivity means more time to do thorough screening, saving the clients time and frustration.

8. Time allows thorough Talent interviews, including full assessment of skills, experience and attitude.

9. The Recruiter will be able to fully qualify the Talent in terms of start date and salary, once again saving the client much time and frustration.

10. The Client will save time by dealing with one competent recruiter. No multiple agency briefings and multiple contacts to deal with.

11. The Clients’ confidentiality is preserved as the role is not being touted around town by five or six recruiters, each speaking to 9 or 10 candidates about the role.

12. Clients brand and image is improved by using one recruiter, because their job is not devalued in the eyes of talent, who will be suspicious if the job is represented by multiple recruiters.

13. Exclusivity means you will not have the issue of recruiters referring the same Talent to the same client – which can be very sordid indeed.

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