Top tips for your Zoom Interview

Due to the current situation, Zoom is a video conferencing software that’s becoming more popular for business meetings and remote/video job interviews in particular.

It’s completely free for the job seeker, and the employer should handle most of the setup, but there are still some important things you need to know (and mistakes to avoid!)

So, in this article, we are going to walk you through 10 zoom interview tips to help you feel confident and impress the hiring manager.

Let’s get started…

What is a Zoom Interview?

Zoom is a video conferencing software that lets you connect remotely for video or voice-call meetings with one or more people. You can turn video on or off, similar to Skype, but if an employer is setting up a Zoom interview for a job, then they likely want to see you on video.

You should treat your Zoom interview like any other video job interview, but you should also get familiar with the platform and technology so that you’re comfortable. And you should download the app ahead of time so that you’re ready.

What Do You Wear to a Zoom Interview?

Your attire for your Zoom interview should be the same as an in-person interview. This will vary depending on your industry and position, but most likely means that you should wear business attire. Men should wear a suit and tie. Women should wear formal business attire, too.

Avoid clothing that is distracting or brightly-coloured. Avoid large earrings, colours like pink or bright yellow, etc. It’s best to look professional, but without anything that will distract the interviewer. The focus should be on the conversation, and your outfit shouldn’t distract from that.

Now that you know what a zoom interview is, and what to wear, let’s look at some tips for how to get ready for the interview.

How to Prepare for a Zoom Interview: 10 Tips

1. Get familiar with the technology