Why Christmas is a good time for job hunting!

It is very common that job seekers put their searches on hold over the Christmas period for a number of reasons such as wanting more time to spend with family and friends, being busy with Christmas festivities or thinking employers won’t be looking for new staff at this time.

However, companies do still look for new talent over the Christmas period and you could be missing out if you stop searching!

Here are a few reasons why Christmas is a good time for job hunting:

There are a lot of people who put their job search on hold over Christmas which means less competition for you if you continue looking for a new role.

Hiring managers are easier to reach as there are less people to deal with and they are starting to wind down before the holidays.

Christmas is also the end of the year which means companies more often than not have a lot of hiring budget to use before the end of the year which leads to them enhancing their recruitment processes.

There tends to be a lot of vacancies this time of year due to people leaving their jobs earlier to have an extended Christmas break leading to more job opportunities.

A lot of people save their job hunt for January which means there is a huge rush of job seekers looking for new jobs after Christmas.

Beat this rush and get in there before!

The general assumption of job hunting over Christmas is that they think it is put on hold due to Christmas parties, holidays and special events. However, this is not true and if you are thinking of putting your job search on hold over Christmas think again!