Worried about being made redundant

Are you worried you are going to be made redundant; do you feel anxious about finding a new job right now?

So now is the time to get ahead of the game and put together a plan of action….

Okay so where do you start:

1. List every skill you have (ask friends and family to help)

2. Ensure your LinkedIn profile is up to date, with a professional photo, courses, training etc.

3. Ensure you have updated your CV with all of your training and promotions you have taken over the years

4. Get technology savvy, zoom, and teams are widely being used as part of the interview process.

5. List all of your positive behaviours, don’t be shy

6. Write down all of your achievements, this will make you realise what a great job you have been doing.

7. Make sure your suit still fits!!!

Doing these simple things will help build your confidence and put you in a positive frame of mind should you be made redundant.

If you require anymore advice please get in touch.


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